When it comes to vaping and other forms of e-cigarettes, it’s time to separate the myths from the facts.




    • Myth: Vaping is safe.
      Fact: All forms of tobacco and nicotine use are harmful. There is no safe or safer way to use them.
    • Myth: You might as well enjoy doing things that are bad for you while you’re young and still have plenty of time to quit.
      Fact: There is never a good time to start using tobacco and nicotine. Teens who start using cigarettes, vapes and other tobacco and nicotine products are at higher risk for mood disorders. Your teen years are an important time for brain development, nicotine exposure can lead to addiction and harm your brain.
    • Myth: The aerosol inhaled while vaping with e-cigarettes, Juuls, vape pens, etc., is harmless.
      Fact: The aerosol you inhale when vaping contains many potentially harmful chemicals and particles, as well as nicotine. These chemicals metals, such as tin and lead, and diacetyl, which is linked to lung disease.
    • Myth:  Vaping isn’t addictive.
      Fact: Most e-cigarettes contain nicotine, which is addictive. Most teens that use e-cigarettes also use other harmful tobacco and nicotine products, such as hookah, cigarettes, smokeless tobacco and cigars.